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Synopsis of The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe
by Barbara Burke

If you’ve ever been blindsided by a life event that rocked your world, you’ll love this book. We catch up with Olivia, a contact center supervisor and the main character in The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey, four years later. Her perfect life is shattered when she learns her company is merging with a much larger utility.
Olivia is not only worried about about losing the best job she’s every had, she has to contend with a team of rebellious reps bolting for the exit. Fearing she is losing her grip on reality she goes to her mentor, Isabel, for help. Her wise friend helps her rediscover the lessons she learned when she was a struggling service rep trying to find her way.
By the end of this delightful modern day fable, Olivia has 12 more Aha!s to live by. What she learns in the end, is what we all need to learn — the secret to being happy is resiliency — the ability to bounce back from adversity stronger, wiser, and feeling personally more powerful. That, Olivia discovers, is “how to be happy no matter what.”