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Some leaders are born to lead.
The rest need training.

Mindful Leaders Make a Difference

Increasingly, companies see mindfulness training as a competitive advantage. Mindfulness enables leaders to be more self-aware so they can focus on the tasks and activities that drive success.  The Intentional Leadership Workshop, teaches supervisors the Five Foundations of Intentional Leaders: Purpose, Values, Mindfulness, Resilience, and Compassion — and how to apply them.

Supervisors leave this unique, life-changing training experience with the tools they need to bring out the best in themselves and others. The Intentional Leadership Workshop is a perfect choice for hard-working supervisors who want to rekindle their passion for making a difference  — the reason they took the job in the first place.

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Barbara partners with her contact center clients to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and build front-line engagement. She applies her proven culture change process to move the operation beyond efficient transaction handling to focusing on improving the quality of the customer experience.

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Leadership Training

Barbara's popular leadership training program, Intentional Coaching teaches supervisors coaching protocols they need to give customers the best possible service experience. Her hands-on workshops are customized to fit the needs of individual client companies. She also offers public workshops throughout the U.S. several times a year.

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As a thought leader on utilizing the customer service contact center as a strategic asset, Barbara is a popular presenter and keynote speaker at industry conferences. She provides inspiring seminars for corporate events and leadership retreats.

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Two popular modern fables books about living mindfully
Ideal as customer service book club selections
by Barbara Burke

Barbara Burke’s short, easy-to-read workplace fables offer readers age-old wisdom and simple tools for being happy and successful at work and in life. These insightful tales full of inspiration and wisdom help customer service professionals deal more easily their challenging jobs. Both books are ideal selections for book clubs, team meetings, and brown bag lunch and learn events.

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