Top Unusual Things That You Can Sue For

In today’s litigious society, many individuals love to sue to protect their rights. In fact, the annual costs to the U.S. economy for civil lawsuits is rapidly growing, with the total reaching over $429 billion — or $3,330 per American household.

Lawsuits can get very expensive, and you wouldn’t want to get stuck paying for any of it. However, in some cases, it isn’t the most apparent illegal act that gets you in trouble — it’s some of the most unusual things. So, it’s best to know what those are and have the best personal injury or car accident or injury lawyer to protect yourself and your finances.

From sharing one’s pictures without consent to getting fired by an unruly boss, these are some unusual things you can sue for.

Sharing Content Online Without Consent

Even if it’s regular funny memes or videos, resist the temptation to share it on your social media profiles, as saving and posting them can leave you facing an expensive copyright lawsuit. Most content online is usually protected by copyright law even if it doesn’t have visible copyright symbols, watermarks, or was posted years ago — you can get sued for using them without permission.

Receiving Hate Online

The internet and social media have become a regular part of life, that users forget anything they write and share on these platforms is considered a publication. When someone says something terrible or ‘defamatory’ to a person without any truth behind the statements, the law sees that as defamation, and if you’re the one getting hate online, you can sue the unruly people responsible for libel.

Leaving Bad Review on a Business

If you’ve had a bad experience at a business, whether it’s a restaurant or the dentist, the first thing you might do is go online and share all the details. Although this can help businesses improve their operations in the future or help consumers avoid getting trapped by unethical business owners, it may also lead to reputable companies getting hate — and eventual revenue loss. When this happens, business owners can sue you for libel.

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A Co-Worker Being Rude

The workplace is one of the most litigious places, and office banter can be a hotbed of lawsuits, making it more critical than ever to ensure every comment you make to your peers is professional, kind, and courteous. If someone, like a subordinate at work, gets offended by your remarks, your business may be held liable. Moreover, depending on the situation, they may also sue you personally. Even if you perceive it as playful and harmless banter, someone may misinterpret it as hostility or discrimination.

When You Get Fired — Unfairly

If you’ve been working studiously for a company or an individual and they fired you for no good reason, you can file a claim at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Whether you were fired for being a whistleblower or subjected to constructive discharge or forced to resign, you can sue your employer for a hefty sum. However, you need to know if they did break the law and determine how strong your case is since not every firing is illegal.

Some lawsuits stand out among the rest because they’re just so unheard-of — and the ones mentioned are just some many unusual things you can sue or be sued for doing everyday things. So, be cautious to protect yourself from getting into lengthy and expensive lawsuits.

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