What to Do After a Trucking Accident

Traffic accidents can happen to you at any time, no matter how careful you are. Getting into an accident while driving a truck can be particularly terrifying and disorienting. Due to their large size, this kind of vehicle can cause a lot of damage to both you and the surrounding environment. It’s understandable to feel bewildered after getting into an accident, but it’s necessary that you take control of your situation as your actions can affect the case that your trucking attorneys will build for you and the amount of compensation you can receive for the accident. The following are the essential steps to take right after a trucking accident.

Get treated for your injuries

Unless you come out of the accident unscathed, the first thing you need to do is get medical attention for any injuries you receive. Some injuries might not be visible, and certain symptoms may only appear a few hours or several days later, so it’s important to speak with a medical professional as soon as you possibly can. This also gives you documentation to use for your case since the insurance company will painstakingly go over these records once you file your claim.

Swap information with the other party

As with any traffic accident, once you’ve tended to your injuries, you’ll need to get exchange contact and insurance information with the other party, if it’s safe to do so. If the other party is another truck driver, you should also try to get details about the operator’s place of employment. If they’re at fault, getting their employment details will ensure that you can file a claim against the operator’s company, as well.

Contact authorities

When you’re able to do so, you need to immediately contact the proper authorities to report the accident, especially if the collision involves a death or a grave injury. The officer dispatched to the location will survey the scene, gather witness statements, and document everything in a comprehensive accident report.

Don’t leave the scene of the accident

truck driver talking on the phone with the truck behind him

It’s necessary that you remain at the scene of the accident, as leaving the area is illegal. Don’t leave until the proper authorities have arrived and have told you that it’s okay to do so. They’ll need to get your side of the story so they can file a report. Any movement away from the scene should only be done if it’s to ensure your safety.

Collect as much evidence and information as you can

While you remain at the scene of the accident, you should gather as much evidence and information as you possibly can for your case. Take pictures of the damage your truck sustained, the other party’s vehicle, your injuries, and key details regarding the surrounding area. Besides basic contact information, you should take note of the other party’s license plate number, as well. Look around for any security cameras and remember their location. If a nearby business owns them, talk to them, and see if you can get a copy of the footage of the accident.

These are the most important steps to take after a truck accident to ensure that your attorney can get you the most favorable results.

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