The role of a sexual offence solicitor in defending your case

If you have been accused of a sexual offence, then it is vital that you contact a specialist sexual offence solicitor immediately. Whether you have been placed under arrest or called in for questioning, you will need experienced and specialised legal assistance to get through the process. Legal aid from a sexual offence solicitor from the outset will give you the best chance of avoiding court and a charge.

A sexual offence solicitor will be able to help you defend your case for a range of sexual allegations, including domestic abuse, rape, sexual assault and other criminal sexual offences. You will be called in for questioning and involved in voluntary interviews. If you contact your sexual offence solicitor early on, not only will you be fully prepared, but your solicitor can be present with you since these interviews are crucial in determining the progress of your case.

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Your solicitor will take a proactive approach to your defence, finding out more about the allegation against you and collecting evidence to support your defence to help you avoid court. Your solicitor will explain how you should conduct yourself during this interview whilst they compile evidence from relevant text messages, emails, social media and CCTV and as much information as possible so that you are in the best position going forward. Furthermore, your solicitor can include letters of representation that query the strength of the complaint against you, again to avoid prosecution.

If you are prosecuted for a sexual offence, then your sexual offence solicitor will make sure to form a strong case by instructing leading experts to help build your defence. Sexual offences are often heard in The Crown Court, and your solicitor will provide the best level of representation possible to achieve a positive outcome for your case.

The effects of a sexual offence charged or conviction

Sexual offences fall under different categories ranging from category 1 to category 3. Category 1 offences can result in up to 8 years of imprisonment, category 2 results in up to 4 years of imprisonment, and category 3 will either result in a high-level community order or up to a year in prison. The stigma of a sexual offence accusation charge or conviction can have devastating implications for the rest of your life if it is not dealt with correctly.

Rumours and speculation can affect your reputation and well-being and have a significant impact on your relationship with friends and family. The police may inform your employer, or, depending on your occupation, you may be obliged to tell your employer immediately. This may result in a suspension until your case has been concluded, or depending on the nature of your job, your employer may, unfortunately, wish to dismiss you. If you are found guilty of a sexual offence, then alongside a prison sentence or community service, the court may issue you with additional orders and prohibitions, which can affect the rest of your life.

Speak to your sexual offence solicitor immediately if you find yourself accused of a sexual offence allegation regardless of whether it is true or false.

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