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How to Know When You Need a Disability Lawyer

There are four times when you may find yourself in need of a disability lawyer. The first time is when you’re initially applying for the benefits. Any mistakes you make or information you leave out at the very beginning could cause issues throughout the litigation process.

The second time could be when you’re currently receiving a claim but fear getting a future denial at the time of renewal. You could be getting information that you are no longer eligible for the claim.

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These cases are reviewed monthly, and any potential evidence they could use against your case and stop benefits.

The last two times will be either the appeal process or the litigation process. If you’ve been granted an appeal option, you have one final opportunity to make sure all your information is presented properly and you’re entitled to your disability benefits. You don’t have to have a disability lawyer present, but it is recommended to make sure you have the best case.

This is also true during the litigation process, as you need all your information and evidence to be presented in the right context. Without a disability lawyer, you could potentially misrepresent yourself in court, and make it appear as though you aren’t actually eligible for the benefits when you are eligible and miss out.


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