Supervisors Learn to Meet the Demands of Their Job More Easily

The Five Foundations for Supervisor Success
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“Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Your wisdom, generosity of spirit — all so appreciated. We’re buzzing here today with Aha! moments. Thank you for making a forever impact on us all.”                                                                                                                                                                — U.S. Service Center Director, Chicago IL, 9/19/16

Designed for contact center leaders who possess the requisite skills to perfom their challenging job, but need a chance to step away for a day so they can re-energize, and sharpen their “inner game.” This powerful Workshop provides the perfect opportunity for managers to build a stronger, more engaged leadership team.

A powerful, life-changing workshop your supervisors will never forget.

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Increasingly, companies see mindfulness training as a competitive advantage. Mindfulness enables leaders to be more self-aware so they can focus on the high-value tasks and activities that drive success.

In this workshop, supervisors learn to cultivate the Five Foundations of Highly-effective, Intentional Leaders: Purpose, Values, Mindfulness, Resilience, and Compassion. 

This extraordinary training experience provides your team of supervisors with new tools and a fresh perspective on the important role they play in long-term success. Supervisors leave the experience feeling better equipped to handle the demands of their job more easily — and with less stress . The Intentional Leadership Workshop can be delivered at your location, or as part of an off-site, team building retreat. Either way, your leaders will acquire the skills they need drive and sustain long-term success.


  • How to apply each of the Five Foundations of Intentional Leadership for maximum impact.
  • How to sharpen your “inner game” as a fully realized, mindful leader.
  • Learn the crucial role self-awareness plays in personal and professional success.
  • Learn daily practices to focus energy on achieving measurable results.
  • Understand intrinsic motivators for today’s agent and how to tap into all three.
  • Learn to use mindfulness to create stronger, more resilient teams.
  • Learn to work better together as a unified supervisor team.
  • Convert theory into practice — develop a 12 month implementation plan.

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  • Workshop is facilitated by Barbara Burke and customized to fit your situation.
  • Cost is $4,500 for up to 12 participants.
    • If you have a fewer than 12 supervisors, consider inviting key stakeholders such as team leaders, QA specialists, trainers, and workforce management staff.
  • Each participant receives an autographed copy of Barbara’s fable about a supervisor in a contact center, The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe: How to Embrace Change & Live Fearlessly.
  • PDFs of the Workshop Participant Guide are sent a week in advance for printing.
  • Transportation costs (R/T Minneapolis) are additional.

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Barbara Burke

Barbara Burke, Customer Care Expert & Workshop Facilitator


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