Maximize Performance with Intentional Coaching Essentials & Supervisor Certification

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 This one-of-a-kind training class is designed to provide supervisor teams with a proven step-by-step Intentional Coaching approach they can deploy contact-center-wide. Managers select this workshop to equip their supervisors with the crucial coaching skills, structure, and processes required to move their teams beyond fast, efficient call handling to focusing on the quality of the customer experience. Barbara also provides managers with FREE consulting on how to integrate this customer-centric service approach into the existing culture, including aligning QA criteria.

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Previously available only to private clients, this powerful workshop is a “game changer.” Results are guaranteed!

Long-time customer care expert and leadership trainer, Barbara Burke developed the Intentional Coaching training curriculum for clients looking to better align their customer service approach with customers’ high expectations; to go beyond fast efficient call handling to focusing on the quality of the experience the customer has with their agents. Training supervisors to be more customer-centric and less transactional was the key to success.

In this engaging workshop, Supervisors learn to utilize the four proven Intentional Coaching Protocols that improve customer satisfaction and first call resolution, reduce handle times, and decrease escalated calls. Instead of being in their office fielding escalated calls and watching monitors, supervisors learn to love being out on the floor assisting their reps and doing it right the first time.

Leaders that participate in the The Intentional Coaching Essentials Workshop leave the experience with a new set of coaching tools and communication skills, a laser focus on where to put their time and energy, and a renewed commitment to making a difference to their teams, customers, and organizations.

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  • Learn why the proactive approach to coaching agents in real time, “on the floor,” is far superior to traditional coaching.
  • Learn the common sense, step-by-step process for applying the Four Intentional Coaching Protocols.
  • Learn to coach agents to take personal responsibility for outcomes and reduce unnecessary escalations.
  • Implement proven leadership strategies for creating a strong, resilient contact center team.
  • Learn to focus on proactive problem-prevention, instead of reactive “firefighting” mode.
  • Learn to focus agents’ attention on making customers feel highly-valued while taking care of the reason they called.
  • Empower agents to solve complex customer issues effectively on their own.
  • Learn to tailor coaching to meet the unique needs of each, individual agent.
  • Learn how to use a simple mindfulness practice to be more successful, less stressed, and happier.
  • Re-order weekly tasks to make time for proactive, on-the-floor coaching.
  • Commit to putting Intentional Coaching into action and quantify the results.
  • Set goals for the supervisory team to achieve together over the next 6 to 18 months.


  • Facilitated by Barbara Burke at your location on a date of your choosing.
  • For the best results, the 8 hours of training should be divided into two half days (mornings preferred).
  • While this is a classroom setting, there is plenty of discussion and engaging activities.
  • Participants receive their Certificate of Completion & Certification at the conclusion of the workshop.
  • Prior to arrival, the manager briefs Barbara on their situation, sets post-training performance goals, and how the ROI is measured.


  • Workshop is facilitated by Barbara Burke and customized to fit your situation.
  • ROI is guaranteed.
  • Cost is based on the number of participating leaders (10 person minimum).
  • Each participant receives an autographed copy of Barbara’s customer service fable, The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe: How to Embrace Change & Live Fearlessly.
  • PDFs of the Workbook, the Scooting Self-Critique form, and other job aids are sent a week in advance for printing.
  • Transportation costs (R/T Minneapolis) are additional.

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