Micro-learning Videos Teach Agents Soft Skills

Increase customer satisfaction, improve first call resolution, and enhance call-handling efficiency.
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Over the last 30 years, customer service expert, trainer, and author Barbara Burke has trained thousands of service professionals to be happily engaged and highly productive.

Barbara mines her considerable wisdom to provide agents with a fresh perspective on how to resolve customer problems in a friendly, professional manner with an eye toward preventing a second call for the same issue.

Managers, supervisors, trainers, and QA specialists utilize Talk Time Tips to improve performance

  • Talk Time Tips can be added to the on-line learning library on soft skills.
  • Talk Time Tips can be easily incorporated into new hire training.
  • Talk Time Tips videos distributed once per month keep agents focused creating a great customer experience.
  • Talk Time Tips bring a fresh perspective to seasoned agents who need a refresher.
  • Talk Time Tips make ideal mini-training sessions for team meetings and huddles.
  • Talk Time Tips can be used by supervisors and QA specialists to illustrate best practices.

Training Toolkit — Insures the transfer of learning

  • Group Discussion Guide & Worksheets
    Everything supervisors and trainers need to present the videos and engage in a rich discussion afterward — including worksheets to transfer learning.
  • Coaching Guide
    The real learning happens after the agents view the videos and begin incorporating what they learned into  conversations with their customers. This guide provides supervisors and coaches with coaching suggestions.
  • Laminated Cards
    Reinforce learning by giving agents two-sided, laminated cards that highlight the key learning points for each video.
  • Posters & graphics
    Keep the learning alive by posting beautiful posters and vibrant graphics on contact center overhead monitors.


Four Short, Unforgettable Videos Your Agents Will Love

** Note: The PASSWORDS for the videos recently changed. Please contact Barbara.***

Talk Time Tip #1: An Apology Works Wonders
Connecting with customers is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Talk Time Tip #2: How To Stay Calm, No Matter What
Have a SODA!

Talk Time Tip #3: 5 Deadly Phrases Never to Use With Customers (And What To Say Instead)

Talk Time Tip #4: What’s Your Problem? Master the Art of Asking Open-ended Question

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