Presentations that motivate, inspire & empower Customer Service Professionals from an industry leader

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After experiencing Barbara’s life-changing message of empowerment, attendees return to work feeling more confident having learned simple, practical tools to increase their job satisfaction and productivity.

Drawn from her 30 years experience as a consultant and change agent within customer service organizations, Barbara shares the many lessons she’s learned about how to achieve happiness at work — and in life. Her presentations are jam-packed with wisdom borne from experience, light humor, and unforgettable, inspirational stories.

Barbara tailors each presentation to fit the audience.

Barbara’s on site presentations are the perfect choice for service appreciation meetings, leadership retreats, inspirational seminars for agents, supervisor off-sites, and customer service conference keynotes.  Add a personal touch with a book signing in which attendees can meet Barbara and have a book autographed.  The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey: How to Be Happy & Successful by Simply Changing Your Mind; The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe: How to Embrace Change & Live Fearlessly.

Barbara’s most highly-rated presentation topics:

Embrace Change & Live Fearlessly:
How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) Constant Change at Work & in Life.mmm-cover-314x400.jpg

Change is constant and inevitable. Resiliency is the key to transforming adversity into opportunity. Learn simple steps you can take to sharpen your resiliency skill set and change the way you view change at work and in life.  (Based on Barbara’s customer service fable book, The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe: How to embrace change and live fearlessly.)

Happiness Is An Inside Job:
It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do With What Happens That CouNMM.Soft.COVERnts

You may not have much control over many of life’s events (or your customers’ behavior) but you do have the power to choose your response. Learn simple steps you can take today to have a happier, less-stressed tomorrow. (Based on the book, The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey)

Great Service Starts With You: How to Sharpen Your Inner Game.

Serving customers day-in and day-out is one of the most emotionally-taxing (and stressful) jobs anywhere. Learn how to utilize your innate emotional intelligence and practice age-old mindfulness techniques to get more enjoyment from your job — and deliver awesome customer experiences.

Customer Service Is And Always Will Be The Business of People Helping People: Leverage Your Most Important Asset

Technology, as wonderful as it is, will never replace the need for a friendly, knowledgeable agent. Learn what you can do now to create a customer-centric culture in which agents are empowered and engaged. Your future success depends on it.