Consultative Service Training for Agents & Trainer Certification

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Skills that build better agents and create happier customers by reducing the need to call again.

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The Consultative Service Workshop trains contact center agents to go beyond fast, efficient call handling to offering customers solutions that prevent the need to call again.  When penetration rates for on-line solutions rise, fewer customers call.  As the volume of incoming calls decrease, contact centers reduce operating costs.

Learning Outcomes for Agents

  • Appreciate why and how the role of a service rep has changed and become vitally important.
  • Learn how to apply R.I.S.E. (Recommend. Suggest. Inform. Educate) in every customer contact:
    • Recommend/Suggest a specific solution that will prevent a future contact.
    • Inform/Educate about ways to make the customer’s life easier.
  • Learn about the features and benefits of customer solutions (on-line bill payment options, on-line account access, etc.)
  • Learn to apply the R.I.S.E. Contact Handling Process — Step-by-Step.
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    1. Acknowledge the customer’s concern.
    2. Discover the facts by investigating the account history and asking probing questions.
    3. Diagnose the root problem and solutions.
    4. Bridge to making the offer of a solution (or solutions).
    5. Recommend/Suggest a specific solution to prevent a future phone contact.
    6. Explain how the recommended solutions work.
    7. Point out benefits derived from using the recommended solution.
    8. Ask for a “yes” or “no” decision.
      1. When the offer is declined, Inform/Educate customer about ways to make their life easier.
      2. When the offer is accepted, recap the details to make sure there’s no need for a second call.
  • Plenty of time is built in to give agents the opportunity to practice matching solutions to typical customer scenarios.

In addition,

  • Accountability.
    Agents are informed as to how their success will be measured. (Examples: Quality Assurance scores, percentage of calls in which offers were made, solution penetration rates, etc.)
  • Post-Classroom support.
    Agents are matched with a Coach tasked with helping them apply R.I.S.E. successfully.

Increase customer satisfaction &
reduce operating expenses

The following is a list of key operational metrics that can be impacted when agents focus on using R.I.S.E. to reduce the number of “unnecessary” calls.

  • Higher First Call Resolution.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Survey ratings.
  • Reduction in unnecessary Escalated Calls.
  • Shedding unnecessary incoming calls (reduction in repeated calls for the same issue, for example).
  • Increase penetration rates for on-line solutions.
  • Improved Customer Effort scores.

Training Delivery Options
All workshops are delivered by Barbara Burke
and customized to fit.

On-site training workshop.

  • Best choice for a small group of agents.
  • Usually delivered over two half days.
  • Includes an option to train coaches and supervisors to provide post-workshop support.

Train-the-Trainer Certification Program

  • Best choice for larger contact centers.
  • Curriculum customized by collaborating with the training team.
  • Trainers learn to deliver training and support each other throughout the R.I.S.E. integration process.
  • Includes the option to train coaches and supervisors to provide post-workshop support.
  • Includes the option to collaborate on a comprehensive R.I.S.E. contact handling integration plan.