Build a Customer-centric Contact Center

Barbara Burke’s consulting services focus on creating awe-inspiring customer service experiences.

We focus on the people side of the customer service delivery equation. While technology improves efficiency, even the most intuitive software cannot make your customers feel valued and important. That can only be accomplished by friendly, knowledgeable service representatives.

Based on our 30 year history working with contact centers, we know how to transform your customer service culture to better align with your customers needs, expectations, and behaviors.

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Barbara Burke can help your organization in three ways:


  • Contact Center Culture Assessment.
    Determine the location of your contact center on the developmental continuum between transactions and customer-centricity. Obtain expert recommendations for moving your center to the next level in its evolution quickly and easily.
  • Leader Efficacy Assessment.
    Using agent feedback and in-person interviews we assess the the effectiveness of your supervisors and identify their leadership strengths and opportunities for development.
  • Voice of the Agent Engagement Survey.
    This powerful on-line, confidential survey invites agents to assess the quality of support they receive from their supervisor.

Culture Change Projects

  • Customized, multi-pronged tactics and strategies help contact centers make the often perilous transition from a transactional service model to problem-prevention service culture that has a laser focus on creating the best possible customer experiences.


Your return on investment is our top priority.

Examples of measurable results that reduce operating costs.

  • Customer satisfaction scores improved by 5 to 10% points.
  • Escalated calls reduced by 40% to 50%.
  • Operational costs reduced up to $500,000 per year by reducing head count.
  • Agent Engagement scores improved.
  • Handle times reduced.