Customer Service Fable Books About How to Live a Happy Life (yes, happiness is possible even when
you work in a high-stress contact center)
by Barbara Burke

Barbara Burke’s short, easy-to-read workplace fables offer readers age-old wisdom and simple tools for being happy and successful at work and in life. These insightful tales full of inspiration and wisdom help customer service professionals deal more easily their challenging jobs.

Both books are ideal selections for book clubs, team meetings, and brown bag lunch and learn events.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could become happy and successful by simply changing your mind?

Meet Olivia, the newest hire at Mighty Power’s customer service call center. Excited to have a stable job and a good salary, Olivia starts out with a sunny disposition and a can-do attitude. However, the constant barrage of angry calls from frustrated customers soon wears her down. Instead of handling these irate customers in a calm  Read more…


Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Resilience is key.

After being promoted to contact center supervisor four years ago, Olivia has settled into her new role.  But, her prospects for a bright future are shattered when the CEO of her company announces a major merger. Not knowing if she will lose the best job she has ever had puts Olivia into an emotional tailspin. Read more…



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