A Dozen Acts of Kindness Campaign Shows The Impact Of Small Kindnesses

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When Agents Commit Acts of Kindness, Everybody Wins

For some people, being kind comes naturally. But, the rest of us could use an occasional reminder of the value of being kind to others, as well how good it feels when we do something nice for someone, without expecting anything in return.

What follows is a description of the kindness awareness campaign I have facilitated for teams of agents. (It was awesome.)  
Dozen Acts of Kindness Campaign: Four Simple Steps
(PDFs are downloadable)

Step 1. Meet with your team to invite them to participate in your Dozen Acts of Kindness Campaign. (These are the instructions that I used to launch my Kindness Campaigns.)

Step 2. Print and distribute the log for your agents to record their Dozen Acts of Kindness.

My Dozen Acts of Kindness Log.final

Step 3.
Print and distribute 12 copies of the Pay It Forward card to each agent to give to the recipients of their 12 acts of kindness.
Pay it forward card. 4 up (2-sided card, printed 4 up on 8.5 x 11 card stock)

Step 4.
After launching your campaign, meet with your agents in two weeks to talk about their takeaways. (Campaigns lasting 2 weeks or 4 weeks worked well for my clients.)

At your follow up meeting, ask agents to share how they felt about their experience.
Besides talking about the impact their acts of kindness had on their 12 recipients, ask team members to describe what the experience was like for them — personally.

More to come.
When I facilitated this campaign, I asked supervisors to share any changes in agent behavior they observed during or after their Dozen Acts of Kindness Campaign. I’ll write about what these leaders shared with me in my next Monday Aha! on 9/12/16.

[How about you?
Did you do something similar at your workplace? If so, what impact did it have? Care to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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