7 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Annual Performance Reviews

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It’s that time of year again —
time for the dreaded annual performance reviews.

Let’s face it. Nobody likes them – managers, employees, and even HR. That is why top companies like Accenture, GE, Google, Adobe, and Deloitte have replaced annual reviews with ongoing real-time feedback and coaching.

1. Employees consider them unfair.
Besides being viewed as arbitrary and biased, employees suspect the review isn’t about a year’s worth of work, but what happened in the last few days or weeks.
2. Potential for personal bias.
As much as managers try to be impartial, unconscious biases (for or against an employee) often creep in.
3. Feedback shouldn’t be a once a year (dreaded) event.
Annual reviews focus on a finite set of outcomes instead of what employees really need – ongoing performance development.
4. Managers are not trained properly.
When managers don’t know how to deliver effective feedback, the message gets muddled, or worse, ends up vague and useless.
5. Millennials think they suck.
According to The TriNet survey, 57% of millennials reacted to a performance review by: looking for a new job (28%); complaining to co-workers (35%); cursing (15%); and crying (15%)
6. Creates high anxiety and stress.
With so much at stake, no wonder managers agonize about rating performance fairly and employees dread getting the list of “opportunities for improvement.”
7. Managers view it as a burden.
Managers who are already spread too thin, are forced to carve out many hours of valuable time (often nights or weekends) trying to fit people they care about into nice, tidy boxes. All for what?
These are just a few reasons top companies are dong away with annual performance reviews. If you are still engaged in this time-consuming, counterproductive, and futile exercise, make a vow this year to make it your last. You’ll be glad you did.

May you be happy.

Barbara Burke
Work hard. Be nice to people.
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